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3 words.. I HATE YOU! by Princess-ofHope

I think to season 5 at Zoey vs Anne Maria to love with Mike. Zoey is mad, fight Anne Maria. I know at season 5 in Total Drama back in a...


Baby Nicd by dmonahan9
Baby Nicd
Nicd's mother comes to visit his friend and with her she brings baby photos and childhood stories, all of with embarrass him.
The Mr. Men show: Heart of love by dmonahan9

(Mr and Miss Men sees to sing Mr. Noisy, end of sing)

Mr. Noisy: Thank you and good night! and, Here's a little romantic duet! It's called "First Love". I will sing it!

(Everyone see to singing Mr. Noisy to First Love)

Mr. Noisy: When you flint me for love...Like heart of crash....If I put my heart on the line...

Miss Helpful: *think* This was the song Mr. Lazy and I wrote together! I can't stop thinking about the night we kissed!

Mr. Noisy: Will our love go out the door...I love you. Thank you and good night!

Miss Helpful: Great show, Mr. Noisy?

Mr. Noisy: Yeah, It sure was. Do you want to hang out later?

Miss Helpful: Yeah. I go a movie.

(later, At the movie, Mr. Lazy and Miss Helpful to kissing)

Miss Helpful: Are you enjoying the movie?

Mr. Lazy: Oh, Is there a movie playing?

(Soon, in the Restaurants)

Miss Daredevil: So, then I told Miss Whoops...Mr. Lazy? Are you listening?

Mr. Lazy: Oh, sure...I was just thinking. Our sodas are up! I'll get them.

Miss Daredevil: Oh, Mr. Lazy's got a text! It's from Miss Helpful!

Miss Helpful: I miss you! Mr. Noisy is back for singing!

Miss Daredevil: *think* Oh my god! Mr. Lazy and Miss Helpful! I will tell my friends to love!

(In the song)

Mr. Noisy: hmm...

(Mr. Noisy see to Miss Helpful sees to compture Mr.Lazy)

Mr. Noisy: *think* Then why does she keep starting at the same footage of Mr. Lazy? Oh! Something is going on! Now it's starting to make sense! All those times Mr. Lazy and Miss Helpful were missing from practice...or coincidentally late! I'll keep my suspicions to myself until after the tour!

(As the final concert arrives)

Mr. Noisy: And here's a little song called First love.

Miss Sunshine: Excuse me. This song is usually performed by Mr. Noisy...But I think the final preformance should be sung by the two who wrote it! Miss Helpful and Mr. Lazy...the two lovebirds of our tour!

Miss Bossy: What?! Lovebirds!?

Miss Sunshine: Where have you been? I knew since our first rehearsal!

Miss Bossy: Does anyone else know about this??

Everyone: YES!

Miss Sunshine: Mmm.

Miss Bossy: To the entire planet, except for me it seems! Now, let's hear it!

(Mr. Lazy and Miss Helpful sing to First love, when end for final)

Mr. Noisy: It was great tour! And congrats to Mr. Lazy and Miss Helpful!

Miss Helpful: No promble, We wrote to new sing, Mr. Noisy.

Miss Bossy: What you and your boyfriend wrote song for why?!

Mr. Lazy: Because new song was love for kissing.

Miss Bossy: You, Miss Helpful! You want to him?

Miss Helpful: Uhh....Mr. Tickle! Get Her!

Mr. Tickle: Sure!


(Miss Bossy run away from Mr. Tickle)

Miss Helpful: Ha, It is tiswt.

End of Chapter 2
Heart of Love chatper 2: First Love
*SIGH* Love again for heart from sing!
I am happy for my brace off because my teeth are pretty!


dmonahan9's Profile Picture
Daria Monahan
Artist | Film & Animation
United States
Hi, new welcome!
I am Daria!
I am 16 age years.
I draw to my OCS.
Will, I draw at 1000 ways to die!
My birthday to 12/20/98.
My favourite cartoon characters: Nick and Zaffor from Ultima. Justin, Brick and Manitoba Smith from Total Drama. Red birds from Angry Birds.

My favourite TDI gay couple:
:icontdijustinplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontditylerplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontdinoahplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontdijustinplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdatrentplz:
:icontdinoahplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdatrentplz:

My favorites total drama:
:icon Justin Fan Stamp:
:icon Trent Fan Stamp:
:icon B Fan Stamp:
:icon Dawn Fan Stamp:
:icon Mike Fan Stamp:
:icon Zoey Fan Stamp:
:icon Scott Fan Stamp:
:icon Courtney Fan Stamp:
:icon Gwen Fan Stamp:
:icon Brick Fan Stamp:

My favorite Angry Birds:
:icon Red Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Yellow Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Green Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Black Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Red Angry Birds stamp 2:
:icon White Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Orange Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Pink Angry Birds stamp:

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