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About Film & Animation / Artist Daria MonahanFemale/United States Groups :icontd-supernatural: TD-Supernatural
Feeling the unreal...
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3 words.. I HATE YOU! by Princess-ofHope

I think to season 5 at Zoey vs Anne Maria to love with Mike. Zoey is mad, fight Anne Maria. I know at season 5 in Total Drama back in a...


Warror Toons title by dmonahan9
Warror Toons title
New story for crossovers and Original Character!
Brand New Friend by dmonahan9
Brand New Friend

Mr. Evil: Do I know you?
Mr. Stubborn: Yeah, I'm you from another dimension.
Mr. Evil: Well, that would explain the handsomeness.
Mr. Stubborn: Right back at you, big guy.
Mr. Evil: Does that mean you and I are exactly alike?
Mr. Stubborn: I suppose so.

Mr. Evil: Do you want some rice pudding?
Mr. Stubborn: No, that's gross!
Mr. Evil: It was a test! Almond brittle?
Mr. Stubborn: Ooh, I love it the most!
Mr. Evil: Me too!

Mr. Stubborn: Do you collect coins?
Mr. Evil: Yeah, just in case
Vending machines become the
Both: Dominant race

I've been alone all these years
With my irrational fears
Mr. Stubborn: But not the vending machine thing. That's gonna happen.
Mr. Evil: But now before me I see
Both: Someone with whom I agree
I've found a brand new best friend and it's me (2x)

Mr. Evil: Hmm, I thought I'd be taller
Mr. Stubborn: I've been told I slouch
I thought I'd have both my hair, y'know...
Mr. Evil: It's in this bee
Mr. Stubborn: Ouch!

Mr. Stubborn: You know, I can't help but notice that your scar goes over your eyepatch.
Mr. Evil: Yeah...
Mr. Stubborn: (pause) ...Nothing...

Mr. Stubborn: Do Lamas weird you out?
Mr. Evil: Yeah, are they camels or sheep?
Mr. Stubborn: No, no, I meant Lorenzo
Mr. Evil: Oh, that's right
Both: He played Meap!

Both: Now I know all about you
And you know all about me
Mr. Stubborn: Ooh-wee-ooh
Both: And now before me I see
Someone with whom I agree
I've found a brand new best friend and it's me (2x)

Now that I've found you
Or we can be a duo
Mr. Stubborn: That's right.
Both: Twice the evil
Double Doofenshmirtz
Mr. Stubborn: Coming at you Fridays!

Mr. Evil: What- What's that, are we doing a TV show together?
Mr. Stubborn: Oh no. It just sort of sounded like it. Well, I mean, we could. We should!
Mr. Evil: Hmm, maybe we're not so much alike.
Mr. Stubborn: That can be your catchphrase! You're the grumpy one. (Pokes him) huh?…

My comics are return for new chapter!


dmonahan9's Profile Picture
Daria Monahan
Artist | Film & Animation
United States
Hi, new welcome!
I am Daria!
I am 17 age years.
I draw to my OCS.
Will, I draw at 1000 ways to die!
My birthday to 12/20/98.
My favourite cartoon characters: Nick and Zaffor from Ultima. Justin, Brick and Manitoba Smith from Total Drama. Red birds from Angry Birds.

My favourite TDI gay couple:
:icontdijustinplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontditylerplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontdinoahplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontdijustinplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdatrentplz:
:icontdinoahplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdatrentplz:

My favorites total drama:
:icon Justin Fan Stamp:
:icon Trent Fan Stamp:
:icon B Fan Stamp:
:icon Dawn Fan Stamp:
:icon Mike Fan Stamp:
:icon Zoey Fan Stamp:
:icon Scott Fan Stamp:
:icon Courtney Fan Stamp:
:icon Gwen Fan Stamp:
:icon Brick Fan Stamp:

My favorite Angry Birds:
:icon Red Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Yellow Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Green Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Black Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Red Angry Birds stamp 2:
:icon White Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Orange Angry Birds stamp:
:icon Pink Angry Birds stamp:

1000 Ways to Die Stamp by Apple-Panties

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KawaiiWonder Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Here are some MORE TD Movie chapters! ;) totaldrama-themovie.deviantart…
Strongcheetah24 Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
So, I had a thought of a TMMS crossover with my fav movie, Rio, and I thought of the characters as the Rio characters in there:

Mr. Quiet and Little Miss Daredevil as Blu and Jewel,
Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small as Pedro and Nico, 
Mr. Happy as Rafael, 
Mr. Rude as Nigel 
dmonahan9 Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Filmographer
Hi, I did it.
Strongcheetah24 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Did wha-? Ah, snap
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Thanks for the fav!
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Strongcheetah24 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Okay, so get this, earlier I was thinking of a crossover the "Mirror Mirror on the Ed" episode with some OCs: Miss Energetic (my oc), Mr. Horror (Chickie's oc), and Miss Idiot.

And that part I was thinking about when Ed, Edd, and Eddy were trying to think of a way to get over the cliff. Ed asked them if he think and Ed and Edd said, "no!"
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