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New cast to OCS with name to Elizabeth, Elizabeth is good as happy. Elizabeth is friend to Beth, Heather, Cody, B, Cameron, Courtney, I...

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Season 5 to Mike and Cody at friend, but same one tooth. Cody is fear to time boom. Mike is in love with Zoey. Cody loves Gwen. Cody ha...

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TDTOJ - Wonder Woman and Iron Man by Romanticstyle

See, Wonder Woman and Iron Man fight fly shark, Fly shark is villain! Both are hero in Total Drama Justice hero, but I love Total Drama...

Story Begins

Shaggy with a green short sleeve shirt and shorts; he was Shaggy. on Shaggy's head was a blue ant with a green hat with feathers coming out; he was Shaggy the Ant. They were riding a a dog named Scooby across a desert as he sings a song.

From a faraway place

And the heat is intense It's barbaric, but hey-it's home!

To another Edenian night!

Edenia nights

Like Edenia days

More often than not

Are hotter than hot

In a lot of good ways

Edenia nights

'Neath Edena moons

A fool off his guard

Could fall and fall hard

Out there on the dunes.

"Good evening my friends, charmed to me you," Shaggy greeted them, "I'm Shaggy and welcome to Northern Water Tribe," Shaggy said, "City of mystery, enchantment, water of change, and the finest merchandise this side of the Great river, on sale today, come on down!"

"Just a moment, I want to show you some merchandise!" he pulled out a suitcast stand containing many items. "Heh, heh. Look at this yes Heh, heh. Look at this! Yes!" Shaggy said as he got a contraption out, "Combination hookah and coffee maker-also makes many fries. It unbreakable!" Shaggy continued as he tapped it on the counter, "will not—"He bang it and it fell apart, and that left him in shock."It actually broke!" 

Shaggy then pulled up something else. "Ooohh, look at this, I have never seen one of these intact before. This is the famous Dead Sea Tupperware.

"But to it. Listen." He pried the Tupperware open a bit and he made a raspberry sound.

"Ah still good, heh." Shaggy said.

"Better. I have to show you exceptionnally rare" Shaggy said, "Look at this."

He then pulled what looked like a small orb out of his own pants pocket.

"It look like a small orb, but know the old saying, don't be  foolled by the outside, but inside it counts.. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts." Shaggy explained, "It's called the Arkenstone."

"Very well. Zim-zala-bim!" Shaggy began as he poured some shiny dust into the palm of his own hand and they threw the dust up into the sky, where it formed a nightscape. Oz then began, "It begins on a dark night, where a monk waits, with a dark purpose."

It was night in a desert; we see two standing next to one horse. the first figure a French man with black hair and a royal green uniform, his name is Loki.

The second figure is an Arachniachimp named Demidevilmon.

They waited until a humanoid porcupine nother boy with green eyes, black quill hair, wearing wears a dark green T-shirt. His name is Ezekiel and he came running up to them.

You're late Ezekiel." Loki said in cold tone,

"Sorry about that Loki." Ezekiel explains.

"Were you able to get it what I asked for?" Demidevilmon asked.

"I have to betray Chris a couple time, yeah I got." Ezekiel said as he takes out a medallion.

Loki reaches for it but Ezekiel held it back and smirks.

"Not so fast, I want the treasure first." He said.

leg fang snagged it and pulled it away from Ezekiel's hand.

"Hey!" protested Ezekiel.

Loki chuckles as Demidevilmon hands the medallion over to Loki.

"Not to worry, my spiky friend, You will get what you deserved." Loki chuckled.

"You'll get it soon!" Demidevilmon laughed.

Loki takes out another half of the medallion and puts both halves together. Once together, the medallion became whole and it looked like a sprite and begins to glow. Suddenly it flew out of Rasptuin's hands, flies around, and goes off into the desert.

"Quickly follow the trail!" Loki shouted grabbing Ezekiel onto his horse and they rode after it, While Simian flew after them. Thy chased it all the way to a large sand dune, then the two pieces separated and pierced into the dune on separate sides like the dune had eyes, then as they made it to it, the dune suddenly rose up and formed a giant dragon, and it opened it's mouth. The three travelers looked at it in amusement.

"At last, after all these years." Smaug said, "Smaug, guardian of the Lonely mountain and The Mines of Erebor!"

"Mines of Erebor!" Demidevilmon said.

"Oh my God." Ezekiel said amazed at this.

"Now, Just to remind you." Loki said to Ezekiel. "You go in and get me the Arkenstone. The rest of the treasure is yours but the lamp is mine."

Loki then released Ezekiel and he slowly made Justin rubbed his hands in glee as he goes to the Mines of Erebor.

Demidevil then whispered to Loki, "Geez! Where did you find this alien doofus?" Loki shhed him.

Loki looked down into the mines and saw, as he slowly stepped on it the  dragon roar and blew him back.

"Who dares enter the mine?" Smaug demanded

"It is I, Ezekiel, a humble con-man." Ezekiel said bowing to the cave.

"Know this. Only one can enter the mines here. One whose worth lies within. the dragon stone in the rough." Smaug explained.

Ezekiel turned to Loki waiting for instructions.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Loki asked, "Get going!" He shouted

Loki then slowly stepped down the stairs into the mines, he seemed scared at first but noticed nothing happening so he sighed with relief, then another roar came. Ezekiel turned back, but the mine collapsed back to normal. All that was left were the two halves of the object.

"NO!" Loki yelled.

"Seek thee out, the dragon in the rough." The voice of the cave said.

Loki and Demidevilmon dusted themselves off, and Demidevilmon was really ticked off.

"I can't believe it! I can't believe this!" Demidevilmon yelled angrily as he goes over to grab the discarded piece of the object. "We're never going to get our hands on that stupid Lamp! Just forget it!" Demidevilmon gave the halves back to Loki, he pulled out his hair mumbling, "Great! I am so upset that I'm shedding!"

"Patient, Demidevilmon, Patient." Loki explains, "Ezekiel was obviously less than worthy. I've already four prison from Starabia and five from Northern Water Tribe, even If I am captain of the guard of both kingdoms."

"Oh there's a big surprise!" Demidevilmon yelled, and started talking sarcastically "I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from not being surprised! What now, This is a problem, a really big prob-"

Demidevilmon was cut off by Loki shutting his mouth. "Yes. Only one can enter the mines. So wee must seek out this one… This the Zombie Conspiracy Nut stone in the rough."


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Artist | Film & Animation
United States
Hi, new welcome!
I am Daria!
I am 15 age years.
I draw to my OCS.
Will, I draw at 1000 ways to die!
My birthday to 12/20/98.
My favourite cartoon characters: Nick and Zaffor from Ultima. Justin, Brick and Manitoba Smith from Total Drama. Red birds from Angry Birds.

My favourite TDI gay couple:
:icontdijustinplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontditylerplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontdinoahplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdialejandroplz:
:icontdijustinplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdatrentplz:
:icontdinoahplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontdatrentplz:

My favorites total drama:
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:icon B Fan Stamp:
:icon Dawn Fan Stamp:
:icon Mike Fan Stamp:
:icon Zoey Fan Stamp:
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My favorite Angry Birds:
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